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Welcome to Jackrabbit cafe. It’s our dream to open a cafe and community space for the people of our town. While we continue to search for a location in the Senshu area (south of Osaka) we are opening our online store, North South Stewart. Check it out!

The start of something new


Up until a couple of years ago I was the owner of a conversation school called Chatty Cafe. When it came time to close it, I was sad to say farewell to my wonderful students.

Lately I have been thinking about a new version of Chatty Cafe. I’m not thinking about teaching again or opening another language school. Instead I am remembering the great conversations that took place in my home. I would love to recreate the space to allow those conversations to come to life again.

There are many cute cafes and lunch places in my town but most of them offer a menu and food. Since I am no chef and I don’t have time to bake anymore I think my cafe will sell coffee and space. Come and relax, meet your friends, read the newspaper, set up a game of chess. My cafe will be part community space and part cafe.

I still need to work out the logistics but with your help and the support of our community I hope I can make it happen.

Here’s how you can help:
- introduce me to a real estate agent who can help me negotiate a good price on a suitable building
- recommend your favourite coffee roastery
- put me in touch with a baker or someone who wants to supply cakes and baked goods
- help me clean, renovate and fit-out the space when we get it
- donate your old (but cool) furniture or antiques, funky house plants
- tell your friends to come along and say hi

At this stage this is all just a pipedream but I hope to have more to share over the coming months.

Tentative opening date: Spring 2020

Local Inspiration: A cafe in an old cotton mill

Local Inspiration: A cafe in an old cotton mill