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Welcome to Jackrabbit cafe. It’s our dream to open a cafe and community space for the people of our town. While we continue to search for a location in the Senshu area (south of Osaka) we are opening our online store, North South Stewart. Check it out!

Local Inspiration: A cafe in an old cotton mill

Local Inspiration: A cafe in an old cotton mill


Like many people, I am enamored with red brick buildings. Perhaps it’s because they’re rare these days?

A friend and I were due for a catch up. I was able to convince her (fairly easily) to come with me to Rojica, a local cafe inside an old cotton mill (I think that is right from my recollection)

Rojica is one part cafe and one part event space. There is also a small ‘zakka’ shop where you can find cute things to buy. The cafe has a simple and unchanging menu with just two things to choose from for lunch. I like the way they keep it low-key.

For me the main appeal is the building. It’s huge and cavernous inside and very quiet. It’s also dark and cool (probably very cold in winter). I find it fascinating to look around and see the old mill pulleys and equipment still attached to the rafters.

In nearby Kumatori you’ll find another similar building which is the Kumatori Akarenga-kan. This is now a gallery, museum and community space. There’s a nice French restaurant attached as well. I recommend a visit if you’re in the area for a morning and you enjoy history. Find out more here.

There are photos of the Nakabayashi Cotton Mill on this page (the Kumatori city pages), along with some other great pictures of life in a small town in in the early 1900s.

* akarenga means red brick, zakka means knickknacks


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